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B.C. woman appalled by garbage left behind by Harrison partiers

Last Updated Aug 5, 2020 at 8:47 am PDT

A woman says a group of people partying by the Harrison river over the long weekend left copious amounts of garbage behind. (Courtesy Facebook/Dee Hudson)

A woman says a group of people partying by the Harrison River over the long weekend left copious amounts of trash

Dee Hudson says people need to be more responsible if they want to enjoy the outdoors

The woman is asking people to be respectful and responsible

HARRISON RIVER (NEWS 1130) – A woman in B.C. is still reeling, days after coming across copious amounts of garbage along the river in Harrison East over the long weekend.

Dee Hudson says the trash was left behind by a group of people in their 20s who had been partying along the water.

Hudson apparently spotted the group drinking in the area while she was driving by Saturday night. She didn’t think much of it until she drove by the next morning.

“It looks like beer cans, ping pong table, like gasoline. It was just, it was bad,” Hudson tells NEWS 1130 while recalling the mess.

She says she was shocked by what was left behind.

“To leave a massive amount of garbage like that is just absolutely ridiculous,” Hudson, who tried her best to clean up the trash, adds.

She and her family tried their best to pick up what they could — about two bags full — but Hudson says there was too much garbage to remove.

“There is an onslaught of garbage left there,” she adds. “It’s horrible and I can’t believe that anyone would do that. We tried to take out as much of the plastic as possible but it all happened along the riverbed there.”

Hudson shared images of the mess on Facebook with the hopes of spreading one message: if you can’t take responsibility and clean up after yourself, don’t go out in the backcountry to party.

“I literally feel like trash people leave trash behind,” she says. “If you’re too hungover, if you can’t be responsible, then don’t be going outdoors and leaving it all over the place.”

“Leave no trace, have no footprint, like, as minimal as possible.”