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West Vancouver Coun. wants bars, nightclubs, restaurants to shut down again

Last Updated Aug 13, 2020 at 4:30 pm PDT

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After a surge in COVID cases a West Vancouver coun. wants to see bars, nightclubs, and restaurants shut down again

Craig Cameron thinks it will help slow the spread of COVID-19 before things get out of control

WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A West Vancouver councillor wants to see bars, clubs, and restaurants shut down again to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Craig Cameron tells NEWS 1130, he believes the province is taking a light-touch approach by educating people, but he thinks some people are not taking the pandemic as seriously as they should.

“It seems to me that closing bars and nightclubs to see if we can stop these outbreaks — or at least slow them down significantly — is a really prudent measure as a first step,” he says.

On Wednesday, B.C. saw the largest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases since April and young people in the Lower Mainland made up the majority of new cases, along with travel from outside the province.

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In response to the emerging cases, Cameron says he is concerned.

“[The province took] a fairly conservative approach to imposing restrictions and I supported that to date, because the numbers have come down. But now that we see the opposite happening, it seems to me we have to think about doing things a little differently.”

Cameron also thinks alcohol leads to poor judgment and eventually, higher COVID cases.

“As soon as you get a bunch of young single people together and mingling, and they’re interested in each other. I think the social distancing is going to be difficult now obviously, alcohol makes it even worse.”

Cameron says he is not convinced that the owners are all necessarily doing what they need to do and the proof is in the numbers.

He doesn’t have a specific time frame for the shutdowns he’s proposing, but he says it should be longer than the infection and incubation period of COVID-19.