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Coronavirus: Do maintenance workers have to wear a mask in my B.C. home?

FILE - Condos and apartment buildings are seen in downtown Vancouver, B.C., on Thursday February 2, 2017. Some of Canada's biggest landlords say they're committed to working with tenants who have lost their job because of the coronavirus pandemic.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Landlords must give 24-hours' notice before anyone enters your suite

Landlords, managers and maintenance workers should practise physical distancing and wear a mask

If someone refuses to don a mask in your home, file a dispute

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Judy: “If you are renting and the manager is bringing people in to do repairs, do the people that come in have to wear a mask?”


As always, landlords and apartment managers are allowed to access a unit to show it to prospective renters or for maintenance and repairs if they give their tenant 24-hours’ notice.

The province urges landlords and anyone else entering someone’s home to follow general COVID-19 precautions, including practising physical distancing and wearing a mask.

“It is our expectation that if a person asks a landlord, or anyone entering their home to wear a mask, they would do so,” a spokesperson from B.C.’s Ministry Municipal Affairs and Housing told NEWS 1130.

If a landlord or maintenance worker refuses to wear a mask when entering Judy’s home, she can file a dispute with the Residential Tenancy Board, the spokesperson said.

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