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Victoria police return to apartment for second party this weekend, issue COVID-19 violation fine

Last Updated Aug 24, 2020 at 7:47 am PDT

FILE - Victoria Police badge. (CityNews)

Victoria police broke up another gathering and handed out another fine this weekend

This time a guest was handed a ticket when he didn't want to leave after the police asked him to

Police attended the same apartment earlier in the weekend, where a fine was also issued

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – Victoria police have arrested and issued a fine to a party guest for violating COVID-19 rules.

This is the second time officers visited the apartment this weekend.

A little after midnight on Sunday, police were called to a one-bedroom suite for a noise disturbance where they found 15 people in the unit.

“Officers advised the host and guests that the party was over. The group was compliant, except for one guest who refused to cooperate and leave,” a release reads.

Police eventually arrested the man for obstructing a peace officer and fined him $230 “for abusive or belligerent behaviour at a social gathering.”

“A $30 victim surcharge levy was included in the $200 fine.”

Other party-goers were able to leave and no additional violation tickets were handed out.


Sunday’s incident comes after another ticket was issued earlier in the weekend at the same apartment suite. About 40 to 60 people were found in the unit, and the host was slapped with a $2,300 ticket for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Police said they visited the home twice on Friday and initially issued a warning. However, when the host and other guests did not comply, a ticket was issued.

The fine handed out on Friday may be the first one given under the province’s new crackdown on those who violate COVID-19 safety protocols.

Cam MacIntyre with the Victoria Police Department told NEWS 1130 he believes the behaviours seen over the weekend are ‘reckless and irresponsible’ and puts officers and the public at risk.

“While this party was going on, our officers were responding to violent calls for service across our community where people need the police and if out officers get sick, and our operational readiness is compromised that presents a real challenge to public safety,” he said. “So there’s a disregard here for public health. And there’s also a disregard for public safety.”

While MacIntyre said the vast majority of people in the city are “working incredibly hard,” the unfortunate actions of a few people “can cause an exponential level of risk to the health of our community.”

He added the situation will continue to be monitored, but said his patience is wearing thin.