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Motorcyclist curses at Alberta couple visiting Vancouver Island

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An Alberta man says a motorcyclist cursed at him and his wife, telling them to 'get back to Alberta'

He says it happened while they were driving in the Langford area

LANGFORD (NEWS 1130) — It’s another story of an out-of-province traveller experiencing some harassment while travelling through B.C. during this pandemic.

Brent, who is from Alberta, says a motorcyclist hurled insults at him and his wife as they drove through Langford on Vancouver Island last Friday as part of a trip for their 25th wedding anniversary.

“He was quite loud, it was just, ‘Albertans, get your asses back where you came from,'” Brent tells NEWS 1130.

“It was just one of those things I heard it, my wife heard it and we thought, ‘What? Did he say what we thought he said?’ He said a couple more things after that but it was in passing, and it really surprised the heck out of us. I mean you hear about this, but until it happens to you I guess you think ‘oh okay.'”

He says most of the people he’s met in B.C. have been great, and he wasn’t bothered again on the trip, but the encounter certainly made them uneasy.

“It was like, okay that happened, we didn’t think it would happen, it did happen, should we be watching out for something else to happen?”


Brent adds that his daughter even suggested they find another parking spot during a later stop in Vancouver.

“It’s one of those things where we can laugh about it, but it is a sign of times, a sad sign of the times, but it is happening,” he says.

His comments come after a recent incident in Revelstoke when a city councillor saw a car with a decoy B.C. plate covering a red Alberta one, likely to avoid any problems with locals.

Brent says after seeing that story, he felt it was important to highlight his own encounter, and to ask some of us here in B.C., to be less harsh.

“Treat us nice”, he says. “We treat you nice, we’re Canadians and that’s the way it should be.”