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'We have a responsibility as broadcasters': Sportsnet signs crucial women's soccer deal

Canada's Jessie Fleming in action at the 2020 Tournoi de France. Tournoi de France 7 March 2020 – Calais, FRA Canada Soccer by Roland Sauval

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Recently, Sportsnet signed a two-year broadcast deal with Barclays FA Women’s Super League — the highest level of women’s football in England.

It’s a crucial move with so many Canadian national team players heading across the pond to suit up in the FA WSL.

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“This is such a big deal because little girls growing up are going to see superstars on TV, or they’re going to be able to turn on the TV and see young women playing and thinking ‘I can do that too,'” Sportsnet anchor Carly Agro said.

“Being able to see other women competing and succeed and doing what they love, I think it’s so important.

“The opportunity to be able to tune in every Saturday is a good reminder that this is going on all year and that the quality and level of competition is there too.”

Sportsnet is broadcasting 50 regular-season games, along with the semifinals and finals of the Women’s FA Cup.

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“We have a responsibility as broadcasters and people in media to help usher in that new generation of stars,” Agro offered.

“Let’s shine a spotlight on the Jessie Flemings of the world, let’s get Kadeisha Buchanan out there and introduce this new generation that has clearly expressed its interest in their desire to watch and participate, especially in women’s soccer.”