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Contractor in Vancouver reports couple for violating quarantine orders, fears he contracted COVID-19

Last Updated Sep 12, 2020 at 10:42 am PDT

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A contractor thinks he may have been exposed to COVID-19 by a Vancouver couple

He says the couple was supposed to be quarantined after returning to their home in Kitsilano from the U.S.

He alerted the City of Vancouver's pandemic enforcement team and Vancouver Police are investigating

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A contractor, who spent some time in the Vancouver home of a couple who recently returned from the United States, has reported them for apparently violating quarantine orders.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, says they were not wearing masks, and now he’s worried they may have exposed him to COVID-19.

“They were upstairs in the house and I had started downstairs, so I didn’t hear them coughing or anything like that until I was almost done because the house was three storeys,” he tells NEWS 1130.

“I thought maybe it was just from the smoke in the air, but then, when he told me both him and his wife both had a cold, that was a concern.”

He says he found out later they were not supposed to be letting anyone else in their house, so he alerted the City of Vancouver’s pandemic enforcement team.

“Anybody who’s returning from outside of Canada, you’re not supposed to have any visitors at all. If they were taking precautions, if they were wearing masks, gloves, keeping their distance and stuff like that, I probably would have let it go, but it was the fact they didn’t tell me they were sick. They were clearly quite ill. They were coughing and sneezing. I could hear them from the second floor.”

Within 20 minutes of reaching out to pandemic enforcement officers, the man adds that Vancouver Police called him back and promised to investigate.

He adds he’s already tried to get tested for the virus, but was told it’s too soon for that to happen.

The man is currently monitoring for possible symptoms.