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Former BC Attorney-General says holding provincial now election could backfire on NDP

Last Updated Sep 17, 2020 at 2:33 am PST


VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) — There is growing speculation B.C.’s Premier will hold an early election and former Liberal Attorney-General Geoff Plant tells NEWS 1130 he doesn’t think there is a good reason to call one.

Despite the fact the law in B.C. states elections are to take place every four years, with the next one scheduled to happen next year, Plant says a government can call an early election for a good reason. But he says John Horgan should follow the law.

“I think that lots of people are wondering whether the only real, real reason the NDP are going to call it election this fall is because they think they’re going to win it. And when political opportunism rears its head that way sometimes, politicians get punished,” he says.

“So I think it’s a pretty risky thing that the premier is doing and I very disappointed frankly that he’s going to do something that runs counter to the spirit of the idea of regular fixed elections.”


Several recent polls suggest John Horgan and his NDP are popular right now, although few people are interested in going to the polls anytime soon.

“I think we’re entitled to conclude that the reason for the election is just he thinks he’s popular. Do you think he’s going to capitalize on that popularity, and he’ll get the majority that he wants and then he won’t have to worry about passing votes in the legislature.”

Plant adds while he understands the appeal, he believes waiting another year will be more beneficial.

“It’s great that we’re popular that shows that we’ve been doing a good job. Let’s keep the job up, and a year from now we’ll go to the polls, and we have a year to get ready for that election and that people B.C. will reward us with a mandate for the good job we’ve done. Let’s not do it now. I think the risk is too high, if you do it now.”