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Windows smashed at BC Liberal candidate's Surrey campaign office

(Courtesy Twiitter/DaveHans29)

Dave Hans says his campaign manager called him Saturday morning to inform him about the vandalism

The Surrey-Guildford candidate says he and those close to him have also been targetted with anonymous threats

SURREY (NEWS 1130) —  The Surrey-Guildford candidate for the BC Liberals says he’s being threatened in order to pressure him to drop out of the election, including having a brick thrown into the front window of his campaign office.

Dave Hans says his campaign manager called him Saturday morning to inform him about the vandalism.

“He came in and saw the windows were smashed in with bricks,” he tells NEWS 1130.

The damage to his office comes on the heels of other threats being made to Hans and those close to him.

“This is on top of the threats that several members of my campaign team, and my family have been receiving from anonymous text messages and from messaged on social media from fake accounts,” he explains.

This is Hans’ first political campaign, but he is not naive and understands politics can be heated.

“In politics we have debates, we are passionate, we have differences of opinion and I’m okay with that. When violence happens, threats, open threats against my campaign team and my family members — that’s where I draw the line. This is unacceptable, and it’s very disturbing. I’m a young professional running for the first time. They’re trying to intimidate me, scare me. That’s what’s happening.”

The incident Saturday morning derailed the day’s work, but Hans is undeterred.

“This is disturbing and we wasted a few hours of the campaign, but my team is up and running again,” he says, adding security cameras will be installed at his campaign office.

Surrey RCMP say they are investigating.

“The damage was discovered this morning around 10:00 a.m. and It is believed it was caused over-night,” reads a release.

“Surrey RCMP frontline officers are currently canvassing the area, gathering statements and collecting any available video.”

Anyone with information is being asked to call (604) 599-0502.