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Two hikers missing on North Shore found safely

Last Updated Oct 18, 2020 at 12:51 pm PST

Two people who set off on a hike from Rice Lake in the North Shore Saturday are now missing. (Courtesy North Shore Rescue)

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The North Shore Rescue has located a pair of hikers from Ontario in the Grouse Mountain area after they spent the night near a trail.

A post on the North Shore Rescue team’s Facebook page says 26-year-old Anthony Lam and Roya Rasoulian, whose age has not been disclosed, began their hike around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Lynn Headwaters area for a day hike.

Search and Rescue Team Lead Mike Danks says the two found a shelter on the side of the trail, covering the ground with small sticks to keep themselves dry from the rain.

“We had teams all throughout the Hanes Valley and behind Grouse Mountain, and we did find a spot where they had set up a makeshift shelter for the night, which would have been an uncomfortable night but a very good plan just to stick together. And in the morning at first light they began to move just to try to keep warm,” Danks explained.

The two made their way all the way up to Hanes Valley and got up Grouse Mountain.

Danks adds that both hikers were not prepared to be out overnight, with reports they were wearing a denim jacket and Vans sneakers.

“Another big challenge was not having a cell signal at all. So they had no way to call for help.”

Lam and Rasoulian are not being taken to hospital but the two will be warmed up with hot fluids and food, said Danks.

“And we’ll go through a debriefing with them – with just some lessons learned and to understand how they got into that situation.

“To this day, we still have individuals that we have not located back there, so very lucky. And I really hope that it serves as a lesson for others.”