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Richmond haunted Halloween tow truck facing roadblock

Last Updated Oct 21, 2020 at 9:10 pm PST


Richmond’s Jonny Soroka has spent weeks organizing a haunted Halloween tow truck show to celebrate safely

But the City of Richmond might be stopping the show from hitting the road

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) — With Halloween creeping up, one Richmond man is putting the final touches on his haunted tow truck in an effort to celebrate the holiday in a COVID-safe way.

When Jonny Soroka’s seven-year-old daughter was ‘devastated’ she wouldn’t be able to celebrate Halloween like she usually does because of her asthma, it got him brainstorming about a solution.

And after two months of planning, Soroka is set to hit the road on Oct. 31 bringing a mobile Halloween show to people in the Richmond area.

While Soroka has the intention to set up and host a show at several Richmond parks, the City of Richmond has stopped the Halloween fun.

“I feel like we’re getting road blocked for no real reason. If people can go to a grocery store, people can stand outside to watch the show,” he explains.


According to Soroka, the city is asking him to limit his shows, have a sanitization plan and keep crowds under 50. While he agreed to adhere to the changes, he says the city is still not letting him go through with the plan.

“The use of city property is not the primary issue. Mr. Soroka needs to comply with the provincial health orders related to mass gatherings and events. If he is able to prepare and submit a plan that ensures he meets all those requirements, we will work with him to try and identify a suitable location or locations that meet his needs,” an email from the City of Richmond reads.