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While America counts, the world waits to exhale

In today’s Big Story podcast, as of Wednesday night, things looked relatively positive for Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency. But Donald Trump’s team is filing lawsuits, demanding recounts, or halted counts, and looks like it plans to scrap tooth and nail to win the election in the courts no matter the results on the ground. How successful that attempt will be depends on the judges themselves—but either way it outs the leaders of democracies around the world, including Canada, in a tough position until someone concedes.

How would a protracted court battle for the American presidency impact Canada? What changes if Biden wins cleanly? What will Trump’s mark on America’s international reputation be if he is a one-term president? And what if he actually manages to find his way to a victory?

GUEST: Balkan Devlen, senior fellow at McDonald Laurier Institute, Superforecaster for Good Judgment, Inc.

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