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Film festival tackles abuse targeting Vancouver Asian community


Since the beginning of the pandemic Vancouver’s Asian community says they’re feeling targeted

Now VAFF says they’re going digital to take on the issue

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — The Vancouver Asian Film Festival is attempting to tackle the abuse Vancouver’s Asian community has faced since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to Vancouver Police data, they’ve seen a 138 per cent increase in what they define as anti-Asian hate crimes.

Over the year, there have been incidents including graffiti on the Chinese Cultural Centre, an attack aboard transit and an elderly man assaulted in a convenience store.

In reaction to the rise in hate crimes, earlier this year the VAFF launched the #Elimin8hate campaign, asking celebrities, filmmakers and the public to share videos, either reaching out or telling personal experiences around racism.

And according to the Board of Director at the VAFF, Clement Lau, the response to the calls have gone well.

He says a campaign focused on sharing thoughts and stories and video was a no-brainer.

“It was because that’s pretty much in our wheelhouse. That’s why we chose this platform. We enlisted some of our film industry people to help organize to recruit members to help film the PSA’s that we’ve done so far, and also enlisted some of the actors to do their own personal PSA’s to post on the website,” Lau said.

Actors like Ludi Lin, from the 2017 Power Rangers and upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, sharing video’s.

“The more we get the message out and giving the information that people need. I think the more understanding people become,” Lau added.

“I think we all play a part in our society and especially with immigrants — I think Canada is largely based on the immigration population — and we all contribute to the society.”

VAFF is encouraging the community to keep sharing under the hashtag #Elimin8hate.