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Vancouver police respond to multiple overdoses at West End party

Citynews 1130 Vancouver

Last Updated Nov 28, 2020 at 3:30 pm PDT

(Lasia Kretzel, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Vancouver police out with a warning after a group of adults overdosed at a gathering Friday

The VPD is pleading drug users to exercise caution when using

Seven adults aged 25 to 42 overdosed on cocaine and MDMA and were taken to hospital

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Vancouver police are warning the public to exercise caution when using drugs after a group of adults overdosed while consuming cocaine and MDMA at a party in the West End Friday night.

The Vancouver Police Department says while they don’t typically attend overdose calls due to the number of people affected, they were needed on the scene near Jervis and Davie streets.

“[BC Ambulance] requested that the police come to ensure that there’s a safe environment for their paramedics and other first responders to work,” Jason Doucette with the VPD says.

“When officers got there at least four or five people inside the perimeter were unconscious at the time from an apparent drug overdose and some other people were in front of the building.”

Paramedics and police administered multiple doses of naloxone.

Seven people aged 25 to 42 were transported to hospital and for further medical assessment.

Police are not aware of any deaths related to the incident.

Doucette adds it is unusual for multiple people at a party to overdose — assuming they were using the same drug supplier.

“So this is contaminated drugs. These are dangerous things to consume,” he says.


The VPD is urging drug users to be careful due to the toxic drug supply.

“Anyone who chooses to use illicit drugs or street drugs, whether you’re a recreational user or you’re someone that uses every day, we’re encouraging you to not use alone, to recognize the signs of an overdose and to carry Naloxone; please do not hesitate to call and ask for help if you need it,” he says.

“If anybody is overdosing, we don’t want them to worry about the police showing up and doing a police investigation. We want people to get healthy and we want people to get the medical assistance they need.”