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12 COVID-19 deaths, 834 new cases as B.C.'s top doctor to add measures to indoor sports

Last Updated Dec 2, 2020 at 4:50 pm PDT


B.C. reports 834 new COVID-19 infections, 12 deaths Wednesday

Provincial Health Officer said more restrictions will be coming for sports later in the day

Dr. Bonnie Henry noted an adult hockey team that went to Alberta, brought COVID-19 back with them

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — On the day the U.K. gave the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine approval, B.C.’s top doctor acknowledges the toll the virus is taking but asks everyone to keep doing their part to slow the spread.

This is part of the solution to what we are going through, but it is going to be some time yet before we get there. It is, however, clear evidence that we do have light ahead,” Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said Wednesday, adding teams are getting ready to rollout out the vaccines as soon as it is approved and arrives in B.C. 

This comes as Henry reported 834 new COVID-19 cases, and another 12 lives lost in the last day, prompting another call for British Columbians to take the health precautions seriously during the second surge.

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“This virus continues to move and move quickly between us, and it takes lives,” Henry said. “We are continuing to see unchecked transmission in many places despite our efforts of public health teams, our contact tracing.”

New sports restrictions on the way

Henry repeated her call against unnecessary travel, which is part of the recent provincial health measures in place for another week.

“I cannot stop you by an order from getting into your car or going onto a plane. But I’m asking in the strongest terms for us to stay put,” she said. “We continue to see the impact of this virus on our communities, but on our health care system, and in particular on our seniors and elders in long term care.”

Henry narrowed in on adult indoor sports teams being riskier than originally thought, saying additional restrictions will be detailed later in the day.

Some sports could continue under the current restrictions if strict protocols were followed, but teams had already been instructed not to travel outside their regions.

Despite that, Henry said an adult hockey team still went from B.C. to Alberta to play, bringing the virus back with them and spreading it to dozens of people.

“This is just another cautionary tale that right now, you cannot take these types of license from the restrictions we put in place for all of our safety,” Henry said.

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Without providing more detail, she said there have been similar instances, including one where a person got COVID-19 from a group fitness activity and that spread, infecting hundreds.

“I know these restrictions put an added burden on what is an already difficult time for all of us. And it seems never-ending, as we’re moving into December, but they are what is required right now.”

New COVID-19 outbreaks

Meanwhile, Royal City Manor, Saanich Peninsula Hospital, West Coast General Hospital are all dealing with new outbreaks. Two others were confirmed at the Cove Shelter in Surrey, and at Millennium Pacific Greenhouses.

Fifty-four health-care facilities are still dealing with outbreaks. However, the outbreaks are over at Burnaby and Langley Memorial hospitals as well as at Cottage-Worthington Pavillion, Discovery Harbor Center, and Orchard Manor.

One more person was admitted to hospital, inching up the record number to 337. Seventy-nine people are in intensive care.