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Resort in Revelstoke rebuffing calls from mayor asking tourists to stay away

Citynews 1130 Vancouver

Last Updated Dec 8, 2020 at 6:18 pm PST

Stephanie Froese

After the mayor of Revelstoke warned tourists to stay away from his town due to COVID-19, one hotel is speaking out

Cynthia Nurse with Glacier House says their business maintains strict health protocols

Nurse adds they've already had a few cancellations for December

REVELSTOKE (NEWS 1130) — At least one hotel in the Revelstoke area is speaking out against the mayor’s warning for tourists to stay away from his city.

Mayor Gary Sulz has a blunt warning asking tourists to stay away from his community if it’s not essential — warning them it’s also for their health and safety.

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Cynthia Nurse with the Glacier House Resort in Revelstoke says Sulz shouldn’t assume that all travellers aren’t going to follow health protocols.

“We question everyone – how far are you coming? Have you had any contact? Are you all one bubble coming? If you’re coming then you need to bring your own food, stay up in your own unit, go up in your own hill. Because we’re a snowmobile access point to Frisby Ridge,” she says.

Nurse adds while she understands the message, she argues most people follow health protocols.

“We communicate with our guests before they arrive. They have strong expectations of what they can and can’t do,” she says. “[But] you always have the person who doesn’t want to follow any kind of rule or doesn’t want to follow the queue.”

So far, Nurse says the resort has already had a few cancellations for December.

“But as far as the weekends go with our travellers, we’re not seeing [people defying protocols] because it’s mostly Canadians who are coming and because of the niche sport.”

Revelstoke, home to around 7,500 people, currently has over 23 active cases of COVID-19, but the local hospital has only fewer than 15 beds and two respirators, so Sulz says he doesn’t want staff getting overwhelmed.