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Dix warns British Columbians against using loophole to gather with grandparents for holidays

Last Updated Dec 9, 2020 at 12:18 pm PDT

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Health minister hopes British Columbians don't try to exploit loophole to spend holidays with grandparents

Adrian Dix says 'when in doubt, rule it out'

COVID-19 order in B.C. restricts gatherings and social events until Jan. 8

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – As British Columbians try to figure out how they’ll spend a socially distanced holiday from family and friends, some people are looking at loopholes in current orders that ban gatherings into the new year.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Adrian Dix urged people against trying to exploit one of them. Under current orders, there is a provision that if grandparents are caring for their grandchildren, they can be with that household — even if they don’t live there — over the holidays.

However, Dix is asking you to think twice about any potential changes in your child care plans just to have your family around the same table this Christmas or Hanukkah.

“My advice in every situation, you ask what happens when people are asking for, kind of, a ruling on particular activities. When in doubt, rule it out, because it’s for the safety of everyone involved, particularly our elders right now,” he said.

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“We have to find a way to make it better this year and step one in that, particularly if you are talking about you grandparent, your grandchild, your family member, is to when in doubt, rule it out, because this year we want to keep it safe so that we can all have a better Christmas in 2021.”

The current order on gatherings and social events has been extended until at least Jan. 8, 2021.

There are exceptions for people who live alone.