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Bus drivers' pay coming up short after TransLink hack: union

Last Updated Dec 9, 2020 at 6:29 pm PST

FILE - TransLink will begin waiving bus fares on Friday, March 19, 2020 and asking riders to board using rear doors only to combat the spread of COVID-19. (CityNews Vancouver)

The recent hack at TransLink is affecting the way the drivers are being paid

Many drivers are seeing their accounts coming up short heading into the holidays

UNIFOR Local 111 says its confident drivers will eventually be paid what they're owed

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – UNIFOR Local 111, the union representing Metro Vancouver bus drivers, confirms many of its members aren’t seeing their full pay due to the recent TransLink hack.

Many drivers are seeing their checks coming in hundreds of dollars below what they would normally make since drivers are now being paid out on a flat rate because of the hack.

“Our payroll system was impacted by the systems outages TransLink initiated out of an abundance of caution and as a result, we had to pay employees using a different method. Any discrepancies will be reconciled in a future pay cycle,” TransLink clarified.


Bus Driver’s Union chief Balbir Mann says this is also affecting overtime pay, which he admits is frustrating.

“At least we are getting paid. That we’re making sure that everybody gets paid through the holiday season,” he says.

The union says it’s confident drivers will eventually be paid what they’re owed but admits it’s not sure when this will happen.

“They have assured us that … that’s the first priority right now to get it going … and they want to make sure that everyone gets paid on-time,” Mann adds.

TransLink says it has no update at this time.