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Man sentenced to more than three years for arson at Langara College

Langara College's T Building, one of the first buildings to be evacuated just before noon after an incident on April1, 2019. (Kurtis Doering NEWS 1130 Photo)

The man who started a fire at Langara College last year has been sentenced to 3.5 years

24-year-old Nasradin Ali was a student at Langara at the time

The April 2019 fire was sparked by two devices Ali planted in a building

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A former Langara College student has been sentenced more than a year after he started a fire at the school.

Nasradin Abdusamad Ali, 24, was convicted for arson with disregard for human life and assault.

He was given 3.5 years, according to the Vancouver Police Department, after he pleaded guilty to starting the fire. Ali was also sentenced to one day in prison for an assault on a student a month before the arson.

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In April 2019 Ali set up two devices, which detonated in the school, sparking the fire and forcing an evacuation of the campus.

Ali was arrested in Surrey shortly after officers found a number of “improvised incendiary devices.”

The damage to the campus was in the six-figure range.

When Ali is released, he will be under additional conditions and monitoring, according to the VPD.