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'They were her life': Husband of Surrey mom who died saving daughters from runaway van

Last Updated Dec 18, 2020 at 12:51 am PDT


Paramjit Masutta died after being hit by a driverless cargo van Tuesday

The last thing Paramjit Masutta did before the van struck her was to shove her 8-year-old twin daughters out of the way

Her husband is remembering her as a dedicated, loving, selfelss person

SURREY — “They were her life.”

Daljit Masutta, the husband of a Surrey mom killed after saving her daughters from a runaway van says his wife Paramjit did everything for their kids.

Speaking with OMNI News in Punjabi, he describes getting a call from Surrey RCMP Tuesday, saying his family had been in an accident.

“I knew my kids are too young they wouldn’t be going anywhere in a car. Their mother took good care of the kids, there’s no way they could be in an accident. I thought it was a scam at first. I couldn’t believe them so I told them not to call me again,” he says.

After a Punjabi-speaking officer got on the line and asked him if he had eight-year-old twin daughters and a wife named Paramjit, he realized the situation was serious. Immediately, he wanted to know if anyone had been hurt.

“I was asking the police, ‘Are they okay? At least tell me how they are?’ They said I’d have to come down first, and they’d tell me once I got there.”

As soon as he hung up with the police, he started frantically dialing Paramjit.

“I called my wife, she didn’t answer my calls. I thought something is wrong, my thought was they got hurt while crossing the street,” he says.

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When he got to the area of 144th Street and 61A  Avenue, it was being blocked by police. After waiting about 40 minutes, Daljit says an officer asked to see a picture of Paramjit.

“When I showed them, they told me to sit and offered me water. That’s when they told me she was no more,” he says through tears.

“I was asking them to show my children, to show me my kids.”

Daljit was devastated but not surprised when he learned that the last thing his wife did was save her girls.

“She was so kind, she never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She loved her kids, she did whatever they wanted. She would make separate meals for the girls based on what they wanted to eat —  she’d make it right then for them,” he says.

“She loved her kids, she did everything for them. They were her life, life is nothing without them to her. She was always so careful with them around roads, she never let them out of her sight.”

‘I just hope she knows the kids were okay:’ witness

Daljit Banga, Paramjit’s brother-in-law, says he is grateful to the man who tried to help her, and who made sure she was not alone after she was struck by a cargo van careening down the street with no driver in it.

“She was always taking care of her kids,” he says. “I would like to thank the witness, Jerry [Barr], for being there in the last moments for Paramjit and especially giving her the peace of knowing that her children were safe.”

Barr saw Paramjit and her two daughters walking near 144th Street and 61A. Barr says Paramjit had mere moments to react and get her daughters out of the way.

“As the van was approaching she probably only had maybe three or four seconds to react, it was that quick,” he says. “She pushed them out of the way to save them.”

Shocked. Barr rushed over to Paramjit’s side while dialing 911. In those first moments, he thought all three of the people he had seen walking down the street holding hands may have been children.

“It was only until I got over top of her and kneeled down beside, her I took off her mask. I noticed, ‘Oh my god, this is a mother,’ he says.

“I said, ‘The kids are okay. Don’t worry about it, the kids are okay. I don’t know if she understood that, I hope she did and knew that her actions saved the kids. I hope she understood me. I just hope she knows the kids were okay.”