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B.C. premier cancels family Christmas plans after COVID-19 rule confusion

Last Updated Dec 18, 2020 at 2:45 pm PDT


With Christmas a week away, some are still finding it challenging to decipher pandemic protocols

B.C.'s premier also found himself confused about what was okay over the holidays

John Horgan has now changed his holiday plans

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — While some British Columbians have struggled with understanding COVID-19 pandemic protocols this holiday season, it turns out, so has the premier.

John Horgan has also found himself changing his holiday plans after NEWS 1130 asked him Thursday who would be at his table this Christmas.

He initially said his son and daughter-in-law would be coming for dinner – a plan approved by Health Minister Adrian Dix.

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“Ellie and I are planning to get together with my son and daughter-in-law – they’re in our bubble – we live in separate homes but they’re the only people that have been in our house and we’re the only ones that have been in their house,” Horgan told NEWS 1130.

“My daughter, I have to confess, the teacher is anxious about that because she doesn’t want to break any rules, but I checked it with my buddy and he said it was okay. So that’s our plan, the four of us will eat something on Christmas day and that’ll be about it.”

But on Friday, the premier changed his mind.

After reflecting on how his daughter-in-law feels about the situation, Horgan said his plans have been scrapped with the premier realizing it wouldn’t be right for his family or for his community.

“This is a tough time for everybody. I need to acknowledge that. We all need to acknowledge that and find the best way to gather, to connect in a way that keeps everybody safe,” he said. “I have to be accountable to myself my family and the broader community and the fact that I am a government representative doesn’t change that.”

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Under current provincial health orders, British Columbians have been instructed to stick to their immediate household bubbles over the holidays. The measures are in place until Jan. 8.

Dix has repeatedly used the phrase, “When in doubt, rule it out,” during COVID-19 briefings to address uncertainty when it comes to health measures.

Despite calls for clearer rules, Horgan said the government can’t dictate what people do at home, but hopes they make similar tough choices.

“We all have to take responsibility for ourselves and the people around us and that’s what Dr. Henry is asking people to do and that’s what I am encouraging people to do as well,” Horgan said.