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War Amps celebrating 75 years of reuniting Canadians with their keys

Last Updated Jan 21, 2021 at 4:49 pm PDT

(Courtesy waramps.ca)

The War Amps Key Tag Service has seen more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys returned to their owner

War Amps doesn't receive any government grants, so public contributions are always crucial

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) —  As the latest batch of War Amps key tags are mailed out to B.C. residents this week, the charity is extending its thanks to Canadians for 75 years of support.

2021 marks the milestone for the War Amps Key Tag Service, which has seen more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys returned to their owners. Proceeds raised from the service fund financial and emotional supports for those who were born without or are missing limbs.

When a set of keys with a War Amps tag is lost, people can call the group or simply drop the set in a Canada Post mailbox. They’ll then be returned to the owner.

James Jordan is the public awareness officer with the War Amps and has been benefitting from the program since he was a child. He was born missing his left arm.

“Soon after that, my parents attended their first child amputee seminar, and they had all the resources and information they could ever need. I was able to meet other amputees like myself, so the emotional support is amazing, and nothing aside of phenomenal when it comes to financial support,” he says.

It’s why he wants to extend his thanks to the Canadians who have been long-standing champions of the organization.

“We’ve been seeing numbers go up, and more and more people taking note of this free service for Canadians. What the service, in turn, does for many Canadians across the country, is not only returning keys – which can be quite expensive these days with the high replacement cost of key fobs – but even more importantly, the support from the donations we receive, the support that it offers amputees across the country,” explains Jordan.

War Amps doesn’t receive any government grants, so public contributions are always crucial.

“That’s why our theme [this year] is, ‘You Are Part of What We Do,’ and we thank Canadians so much for their generosity,” says Jordan.

The mailing out of key tags will continue for the next two weeks, so if you’re subscribed, be sure to watch for your new attachments.

“When you see The War Amps envelope, it should have your key tags right inside the envelope, you don’t need to activate it, to call to activate it, or go online. That 9-digit confidential number is already registered to your name and address, which we keep completely confidential,” Jordan tells us.

Visit the website if you would like to sign up or make a donation.