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Surrey jobs show signs of rebounding from COVID-19, says board of trade

FILE (Source: Surrey.ca)

Surrey has recovered about 29,000 jobs lost to the pandemic, Board of Trade says

SBoT says Surrey has seen job gains in a number of industries, but manufacturing has seen the most

Surrey Board of Trade hopes vaccine will help stores either reopen, rehire staff during COVID recovery

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – We may still be in the middle of a pandemic, but things are slowly starting to improve in Surrey — at least when it comes to jobs.

According to the Surrey Board of Trade, the city has recovered about 29,000 jobs it had lost to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Some industries have seen some pretty big gains.

“Manufacturing, utilities, arts and culture, restaurants. The strongest have been in building, in food services, in transportation, and warehousing,” explains board CEO Anita Huberman, adding the manufacturing industry fared the best during this pandemic.

“Surrey has the greatest number of manufacturers in British Columbia and so even when the pandemic began many of these businesses were able to stay alive.”

She says the city is now in a net deficit of roughly 8,000 jobs, “down from a peak of over 37,000 jobs.”

The pandemic hit retail positions hard, although some jobs did come back in December.

“But, overall, certainly just over 11 per cent of jobs were lost in the retail sector,” Huberman says, admitting things will remain tough for retailers with more people buying online.

However, she feels the vaccine is offering a ray of hope that someday those stores can either reopen or rehire their staff.

Huberman says while other surveys and statistics show dire business futures, Surrey shows good economic progression and a positive economic future.