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Chilliwack man encourages people to talk about testing positive for COVID-19

CHILLIWACK (NEWS 1130) — A couple weeks ago Chilliwack resident Chris Sloan tested positive for COVID-19, and instead of staying quiet in isolation he decided to share his experience publicly with a series of daily video journals on YouTube.

Since he started uploading he says he’s beginning to strike a chord with people.

“I didn’t even think anything would happen with it but then the first night I got a thousand views on it so I was like, ‘Oh, people care.'”

As the days went on and Sloan continued his daily ritual of describing his experience, he noticed a pattern.

“People came out of the woodwork and said, ‘I had COVID too and I haven’t told anybody yet.'”

The stigma surrounding the virus became very apparent to Sloan, so much so that he realized people’s fears of talking about getting COVID got in the way of keeping others safe.

“I knew a guy who had a construction business, but he was scared and was concerned people would lose work over it, he was more concerned about others losing work than them getting sick,” he explains.

Pre-COVID Sloan was a pastor at a local church, he was laid off and now works with homeless people at a COVID isolation center in Chilliwack.

He hopes his candid video journals about his experience with the virus will help encourage others to be more open.

“I think it keeps people from getting tested, the fear of isolation too it keeps people from getting tested, and I know people are scared but will keep going to work because they are scared of losing works too, so that would be my thing: Get tested.”

Even after his recovery Sloan plans to continue to chat with experts and share his thoughts on the experience.