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Second winter storm of the weekend arrives Sunday

Last Updated Feb 14, 2021 at 3:18 pm PDT

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After Saturday's snowfall across much of Metro Vancouver, another storm has arrived Sunday

A special weather statement for Metro Vancouver from Environment Canada has been upgraded to a snowfall warning

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — If you didn’t get to play in the snow Saturday, you’re getting a second chance Sunday as another winter storm arrives.

A special weather statement for Metro Vancouver from Environment Canada has been upgraded to a snowfall warning with total amounts of 10 to 15 centimetres expected.

“On the heels of a snow-producing storm on Saturday, a Pacific frontal system has arrived on the south coast [Sunday] this morning, spreading snow to the Metro Vancouver region,” the statement reads. “The snow is expected to become mixed with rain late this afternoon in some areas as another system reaches the region. As is often the case, areas inland and those in the path of the Fraser Valley outflow winds particularly can expect snow to continue through Monday.

NEWS 1130 Meteorologist Michael Kuss explains the snow amount expected Sunday won’t be much different from what people in the Lower Mainland saw in the middle of last week.

“But what has changed is the distance between that Saturday snowmaker and the Sunday snowmaker there really hasn’t been much of a gap in there. We’ve had flurries throughout the day. No major accumulations but just lingering light snow,” he adds.

Although Kuss says the “big story will be the temperature” and what it will mean for snowfall totals.

“There’s about 20 millimetres worth of precipitation in this system in this front as it sweeps through. So if it comes totally, it’s snow that’s a lot of snow — that’s about 20 centimetres on a 10 to one ratio, but if we get some mixing in there a lot of spots will be in the five to 10 centimetre range. Other location’s higher elevations could be 15 plus.”

The Fraser Valley will be impacted as cold arctic air locked in the area will potentially bring snow.

“What we could see is some of the warm air riding over top of that cold air, and that means something even more dangerous freezing rain is a strong possibility, at least for a brief period from Abbotsford stretching farther to the east of the Central and Eastern Valley.”

If you’re in Abbotsford or Chilliwack, you could see upwards of 20 centimetres. And if you’re on Vancouver Island, expect another dumping of snow.

As for the rest of the week, Kuss says we should see a bit of a break by Monday afternoon.

“Most of this system comes through this evening overnight, first thing on Monday. And then by Monday 10 or 11 everything starts tapering off. Not sure how much sunshine we’ll see in there but it will definitely be drier to wrap up Family Day.”

Meanwhile, Darren Ell, GM of Mainroad Contracting in the Lower Mainland, which looks after the major routes, says so far, there’s no need for concern if you’re on the highways.

“The roads are really good right now they’re quiet. There’s not many people out. The roads are again barren wet and the shoulders are all pushed off nice and wide so there’s lots of room out there. It’s just basically wet roads with a little bit of light flurries,” Ell says.

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And while Ell says there are no major problems right now, crews are keeping a fairly close eye on the bridge decks.

“We pay lots of attention to the bridge deck so they probably got lots of salt on them right now. And as soon as anything starts accumulating — the guys will plow it off right away.”

Environment Canada says highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may be difficult to navigate because of the snow so it advises to, “Take frequent breaks and avoid strain when clearing snow.”

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The first snowfall warning from Environment Canada was in place at the beginning of the weekend but was lifted Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, some parks filled with families enjoying the winter weather as nearly 10 centimetres came down on the area.

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