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Many British Columbians admit to not always following COVID-19 rules

Two women wearing protective face masks make their way past a boarded up Banana Republic store in downtown Vancouver Monday, March 30, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

34 per cent of British Columbians admit to always following COVID-19 rules; 47 per cent follow rules nearly all the time

Nationally, 84 per cent of Canadians say they follow COVID-19 rules, regulations all or nearly all the time

Pandemic fatigue appears to be one reason behind people planning to break COVID-19 rules over Spring Break: poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As pandemic fatigue drags on for many Canadians, it appears only about three in 10 British Columbians admit to following COVID-19 rules all of the time.

According to Insights West, only 34 per cent of British Columbians say they abide by all rules and regulations all of the time.

The pollster says that’s 14 to 22 points lower than other regions and comes as a bit of a surprise. Quebecers were the most likely to say they were following the rules all of the time, at 56 per cent, followed by Ontarians at 51 per cent.

However, while people living in B.C. may not be the strictest in terms of always abiding by public health orders, they are the most likely to say they follow the rules “nearly all the time” when compared to the rest of the country. The lowest in the pack comes in Quebec, where only 24 per cent of residents admitted to breaking the rules sometimes.

Nationally, the numbers are much higher; 84 per cent of Canadians say they follow the guidelines of COVID-19 restrictions all or nearly all of the time.

People seem to have all sorts of reasons for justifying cherry picking their way through the rules. But more than a year into the pandemic, it seems many are just sick and tired of our collective situation.

Many say they believe they can bend the rules some of the time because they’re keeping their bubbles small while others believe they are “careful when they break them.”

The poll also shows 18-35 year olds are the most likely to ignore the rules, and many Canadians are overall just confused by them.

Many Canadians considering visits with family over Spring Break

As we continue to navigate the health crisis and as some restrictions are lifted across the country, the focus is now shifting to concern over the upcoming Spring Break holiday.

Insights West finds there are a number of activities Canadians are considering that would ultimately go against current public health orders, depending on which province you are in.

Out of a list of 11 possible Spring Break activities, 63 per cent people surveyed say they’re considering doing at least some of them.

Only 37 per cent of Canadians say they won’t or probably won’t do any of the activities listed.


The activity that topped the list was visiting with family indoors, to which half of respondents say they “definitely will”, “probably will”, or “might or might not.”

The next thing Canadians say they might do is visit friends outside their households, followed by going on a road trip. A fraction of those surveyed say they’re thinking of flying somewhere, whether that be within their province to visit loved ones (19 per cent), elsewhere in Canada for a vacation (18 per cent), or outside of the country to a vacation destination (16 per cent).

British Columbians are the least likely to hop on a plane this Spring Break.