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White Rock neighbour rescues trapped dog from hidden well

Last Updated Feb 22, 2021 at 10:29 am PST

(Courtesy Wade Deisman)

A White Rock man rescued a dog that had been missing for almost two days

After tearing up some of his deck, Wade Deisman found a well underneath, with the dog visible about four feet down

Deisman was able to reunite the 10-year-old terrier with the owners

WHITE ROCK (NEWS 1130) – If old T.V. shows haven’t lied to us, it’s usually the heroic dog that saves the boy, but this time it was a heroic neighbour who saved a terrier that ended up down a well.

Over the weekend, Wade Deisman heard a distressed dog barking somewhere near his house in White Rock, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

“I was thinking, ‘I have to find out where this puppy is and get him some help.’ I was craning my head over the neighbour’s fence, looking to see where the kennel was that they had the puppy in and I heard a bark,” he tells NEWS 1130.

He soon realized the sound was coming from under his deck. With a crowbar in hand, he started tearing up boards to discover a shaft underneath.

“I turn on the flashlight on the iPhone and look down and sure enough I could see a dog’s two eyes shining up at me. The dog just howled at that point,” Deisman says.

Deisman, who is an associate dean of arts at Kwantlen University, had to cut through some joists but was able to haul the distressed dog up.

“The dog, I think, at that point had been in there so long it was literally just shaking. When I brought it inside the house, it could barely stand initially because it was just so traumatized,” he adds.

After checking missing pet postings online, he was able to contact the owners right away.

Callie — who is 10 years old — had been missing for 43 hours.

It didn’t take long for Callie’s owners to show up at Deisman’s home, and he says they were overjoyed during the reunion.

“I remember opening the door and Callie seeing them, and them seeing Callie and then just this wave of relief and emotion. Tears welled up in both their eyes and the dog went bounding toward them. It was just like out of a movie, honestly.”

The owners had tried to offer Deisman a reward, but he declined, saying he’s just happy to be a part of the neighbourhood.