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Workers on Metro Vancouver film set told Black Lives Matter clothes inappropriate

Last Updated Feb 26, 2021 at 7:12 pm PDT

A worker on a film set in Metro Vancouver was reportedly wearing this hoodie when they were asked to change it because a producer deemed it inappropriate. (Credit: Selah Kyd/Facebook)

Two people working on a film set in the Vancouver area were asked to change their clothes

Production company says producer 'misinterpreted' guidelines for appropriate workplace attire

Slumber Productions says producer apologized to workers and was removed from set

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A film production company is apologizing after a producer told employees that clothing in support of Black Lives Matter was inappropriate.

Slumber Productions says a producer on the set of “Gone Mom” “misinterpreted the guidelines for appropriate workplace attire and asked crew members to change clothing.”

“No crew members were asked to leave set or disciplined in any way,” it noted.

(Source: Selah Kyd/Facebook)

Daryl Litke with Unifor, which represents the set workers in question, says the union has since been in talks with the production company.

“What they’ve presented to us is that the senior producers in the company are very, very distressed — dismayed, by what happened and they will be taking immediate action to … try to deal with the thought process and decision of the producer on set to ask these people to change their clothing,” Litke told NEWS 1130.

“They feel that this certainly wasn’t representing the employers’ position on it and this was something they will do better at — or try to do better at — certainly, with respect to education and ensuring that people who represent their company are mindful of the company policies on these sort of things and they create an inclusive work environment,” he added.


Litke says the union was happy with the response and is hopeful the production company will take actions quickly.

Slumber Productions says the producer apologized to the workers and “has been removed from set following the incident,” it encourages staff to support “any political or social issue they are passionate about.”

“We do not tolerate hate speech or allow our team to wear hate propaganda while on set,” it added.