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Victoria woman's mental health app featured by Apple for International Women's Day

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Rootd is an app that helps people learn about and manage panic attacks and anxiety

The app, created by a Victoria woman, was featured for International Women's Day

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) — A Victoria woman’s app — inspired by her own struggle getting support for debilitating anxiety — is being featured by Apple to mark International Women’s Day.

Ania Wysocka created and developed Rootd, an app that helps people learn about and manage panic attacks and anxiety. The features include an in-the-moment panic button, a breathing tool, a guided meditation tool, and a journal tool.

“It’s all gamified so you collect points as you go,” she explains.

Wysocka says the best part of being featured alongside other female creators is that it will allow more people to benefit from the app.

“They get more users who could benefit from Rootd to see it, and find it, and know it exists. So that’s why they’re really important,” she says.

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When Wysocka was experiencing the debilitating effects of her own anxiety, she says it was difficult to find helpful information and resources.

“I realized that I struggled, probably a lot more than I needed to or would have, had I known what anxiety and panic attacks were. That really inspired me to get started on the app,” she explains.

“When I was first starting out I thought if I could even help one other person going through this and not going through all the debilitating things that I had to go through that it would be worth it.”

Now, she says hundreds of thousands have downloaded it, and it’s getting scores of positive reviews.

Acknowledging the tech industry remains male-dominated, Wysocka says she’s noticed more young women emerging.

“These lists that highlight females that’s just more people for us to meet and kind of get to know. It’s pretty great that way,” she says.

As for what she would tell other women considering a career in tech, she says they should go for it.

“Always stop and celebrate the small successes along the way because it can get really hectic and busy and it’s definitely not the easiest thing but it’s very rewarding.”