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B.C.'s premier insists messaging is clear around COVID-19 restrictions

Last Updated Apr 13, 2021 at 6:49 pm PDT


Premier John Horgan says people who want to be part of the solution are taking action

Horgan says the 'vast majority' of British Columbians are working hard to stay close to home

Travel ban not off the table, but there is currently no such ban in place in B.C.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Many British Columbians say they are still confused about COVID-19 restrictions and are having trouble understanding what they can and can’t do right now. But the premier doesn’t think he can say any more than what’s already been said.

John Horgan says the messaging has been clear for a year: Stick to your household, stay outside, stick close to home.

“The people that are listening, the people that are paying attention, the people that want to be part of the solution are acting. Again, we will use the tools available to us, if we believe they will be effective,” Horgan said.

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He says those who are following the rules are immensely frustrated with those choosing not to understand or follow what’s expected, and disregarding all of the work that they have done.

“It’s not about disregarding the government for most people. It’s about, ‘Hey man, I’m doing my part, why aren’t you?’ And governments can [only] do so much — the reality is the public has to be there. The vast majority are,” he said.

On Monday, Dr. Bonnie Henry again implored British Columbians to do their part to help stop transmission of the virus, including not travelling outside their local health authorities unless absolutely necessary.

“If you live in North Van, you should not be traveling to Langley, or to Richmond. If you live in the Lower Mainland, you should not be traveling to the island. If you live in Penticton, you should not be going to Sun Peaks or Oliver or Kelowna right now. We need to only do those types of travel if it’s essential, and nothing more,” she said.

Horgan says a travel ban is not off the table, but there currently is no such ban in place. So, people can travel outside of their region even though they’re being asked to stick close to home.

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Horgan says the province is reaching out to Airbnb owners and hotels, asking them not to take bookings from people out of region.

“My appeal is the same as it has been for over a year: Please, British Columbians, in the interest of not just yourselves but all of those around you, follow the rules. Dr. Henry will have more to say on Thursday, as we look at more data. I believe — I’m very confident — that the vast majority of British Columbians are behind this 100 per cent. They want to say goodbye to COVID.”

Over the weekend, 3,289 COVID-19 cases were recorded in B.C. and 18 more people died.

Horgan discusses AstraZeneca vaccine

On Tuesday, Horgan also commented on vaccines, saying he doesn’t believe many British Columbians have been hesitant to take.

“The advice I’ve been given today is that you should take the first vaccine that’s offered to you because it’s in the interest of not just yourself but your neighbours, your family, and your community. I have not yet been vaccinated. I did take advantage of the online tool, and my spouse and I registered for our age cohorts, which has not yet been called,” he said, adding it took just minutes for them to register,” he said.

As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which some people have been hesitant about due to a possible risk of very rare blood clots, Horgan says he’s been considering whether it would be a good idea for him to get that shot.

“I know my colleague and Ontario premier Ford has done that. I would have no hesitation whatsoever. I was more inclined to wait my turn. But if there was a value in me getting the shot, based on advice from Dr. Henry, advice from the National Committee, I will do that in a minute,” he said.