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Can I travel to the U.S. to repair my cottage if I've received my COVID-19 vaccine?

Last Updated Apr 15, 2021 at 7:10 am PDT

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The Canada-U.S. land border remains closed to non-essential traffic

While Canadians can still fly south into the U.S., they're being urged not to as COVID cases remain high

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This question comes to us from Joyce. She says her husband has dual citizenship. They have a cottage in the U.S. that was damaged last winter and it needs repairs.

They’ve both had their COVID-19 vaccines and have proof of it, so is there any way they could go take care of their property?


The answer is a little complicated.

People are allowed to fly to the U.S. right now, but you’re being strongly encouraged not to unless it’s absolutely necessary.

As for driving across the line to repair your cabin — the land border remains closed to all non-essential traffic. However, as an American, Joyce’s husband may be allowed to enter. She, on the other hand, will likely be denied as their reason for travel is not essential.

Despite the wide-reaching vaccine roll-out in both countries, the Canadian government has said repeatedly the land border will not re-open to non-essential travel, like going to your cabin, until vaccination rates and case counts reach levels that would make it safe to do so, and that’s definitely not the case right now.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has even hinted he’ll wait until the fall before even considering re-opening it.

The border was shut down in March 2020, with the closure being renewed monthly since that time.

It’s possible the “no” could be changed to a “yes” if vaccine passports (an idea several countries are adopting) are approved. It’s a certificate of vaccination that, in some cases, would allow for cross-border travel.

While the subject has been raised in Canada at a provincial and federal level, Trudeau has said travel passports would raise ethical issues.

He has not given any indication that Canada would adopt such a process.

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