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Wildfire season officially begins as crews respond to fire near Kamloops

Citynews 1130 Vancouver

Last Updated Apr 17, 2021 at 5:42 pm PDT

FILE: An undated photo showing a BC Wildfire Service member. (Courtesy BC Wildfire Service)

KAMLOOPS (NEWS 1130) — Wildfire crews are responding to a 3.3 hectare fire about 14 kilometres northeast of Kamloops.

Sarah Hall with BC Wildfire Service says the province is in a bit of a drying trend with the warmer temperature and lack of rainfall.

“We are starting to see grassfire activity and spark-ups. And this is common this time of year.”

Last wildfire season Hall says it was “a little bit more quiet” since COVID restrictions forced many people indoors.

“So it’s really easy to tell that a lot of this can be human-caused, which is therefore 100 per cent preventable. That’s why we’re really urging the public to be safe, and to make sure that they’re following the precautions.”

Hall is calling on everyone to do their part and remain vigilant if creating a campfire.

Here are Hall’s tips to prevent mad made wildfires:

  • Don’t burn while it’s windy
  • Keep water on hand to extinguish a fire if one ignites
  • Don’t leave their campfires unattended
  • Before you leave a site where you had a campfire, make sure the area is cool to the touch to prevent it from reigniting