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Expert says pollen counts especially high this spring, making those with allergies feel worse

Last Updated Apr 25, 2021 at 10:12 am PDT


If you can't stop sneezing this spring-- you're likely not alone

A local allergist says this season's pollen count is particularly brutal

Her advice if you're struggling with allergy symptoms is to take an anti-histamine at the start of your day

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — If you feel your allergies are worse this year– you’re probably right.

Dr. Joanne Yeung is a Vancouver-based allergist and pediatrician, and she says more people are coming to her complaining about allergies.

“I have noticed that patients are describing their symptoms worse than previous years, I have people who didn’t have allergies in the past, and they are more noticeable this year.”

She says pollen counts are to blame as they are higher than normal this year, and it comes down to a long winter in Metro Vancouver — something she suspects is a direct correlation to global warming.

“I think environmental and global changes are one of the primary reasons, in fact, global warming is one of the reasons why trees tend to have a longer pollen season.”

However, she believes it also could come down to the pandemic.

“I think more people are noticing their allergies more because they’re on high alert for respiratory symptoms.”

She adds people might also just be noticing their allergies more from spending so much time outside.

If you’re struggling with allergy symptoms, Yeung’s advice is to take an anti-histamine at the start of your day before being exposed to the outdoors.