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Vancouver woman recreates Friends' Central Perk set on front lawn

Last Updated Apr 28, 2021 at 5:29 pm PDT


Anne Bruinn has recreated the set of Central Perk from Friends at her home

She says she wanted to give people a reason to smile during the pandemic

Bruinn has also set up Halloween and Christmas displays over the past year

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A Vancouver woman says she’ll be there for you, as she brings a fictional New York coffee shop to life on her front lawn to brighten the days of people during the pandemic.

Anne Bruinn’s recreation of the Central Perk set from the popular 90s TV show Friends adorns the outside of her home at South West Marine Drive and Balaclava. Complete with vintage orange couch, blue, plush rocking chair, funky coffee table, and Central Perk sign, Bruinn says the set took her about three months to put together.

“In the evenings, I would search Craigslist for similar couches and the furniture and then I ordered some stuff off Amazon, like the cushion covers and stuff,” she said. “It’s just a lovely, nice comfortable set to sit and have a chat, especially if Friends fans just love it. Like, come for a picture. I’ll move off the couch.”

Bruinn says with her friends busy with their jobs and families, she was feeling lonely, especially during the pandemic when we aren’t supposed to have visitors inside our homes.

“Friends gives me good feelings, and I wanted a set that made people happy, and makes you smile,” she said. “And there’s, as long as I’m out there, I’m available. So just come at your convenience, stop in have a coffee. Need anything, I’m here like, if you would just went for a jog down by the river and you’re dying of thirst here I’ve got a Bubly for you. Or, have a seat and have a chat or whatever you need.”

This isn’t the first time Bruinn has tried to brighten people’s day.

It started with a Halloween set and progressed to a Food Bank donation decoration for Christmas. She’s dressed as a T-Rex and a mitten-wearing Bernie Sanders and stood, and sometimes sat, on the street corner to bring a smile to the faces of people who drive by.

“Just something for them to look at, maybe make them smile. People who knew that I was real would honk and wave. It was so lovely just to connect distantly with people,” she said, adding everyone seems to have enjoyed the displays. “It’s been absolutely wonderful.”

Bruinn has been putting out the set on sunny days since March and plans to keep the tradition going until at least September.