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If Canada’s residential schools reckoning is real this time, what happens next?

In today’s Big Story podcast, there have been promises in the past. And committees, and commitments and commissions and no shortage of apologies. But in the wake of the 215 children found buried where a residential school once operated near Kamloops, there’s a growing sense among Canadians that none of the past work has been enough.

Is this reckoning real? Do Indigenous peoples across the country believe it could be different this time? Will average Canadians demand better from their government? And if this time really is different, what happens next? And how horrific will real Truth and Reconciliation be when we learn all there is to learn about that not-so-distant past?

GUEST: Eva Jewell, Associate fellow at the Yellowhead Institute, Anishinaabekwe from Deshkan Ziibiing, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

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