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Science World hoping to raise cash after losing $13M last year

Last Updated Jul 8, 2021 at 12:37 pm PDT

(Courtesy: Science World)

Science World's 'Fund the Future' campaign aims to raise $10M after devastating pandemic year

Non-profit Science World says 85 per cent of its revenue comes from ticket sales, events

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – After a devastating 2020, cash-strapped Science World in Vancouver is hoping to raise $10 million.

The “Fund the Future” campaign is designed to bring in enough cash to digitize the current exhibits and programs, as well as create new displays and spruce up the existing ones.

“It’s up to all of us to ensure that B.C., and Canada, are able to compete on a global scale in the quest for talent. Currently, we are facing skills shortages in essential fields so we need to equip our youth with the right tools to succeed in the future,” said Tracy Redies, President and CEO of Science World.

Science World
(Courtesy: Science World)

“It is estimated that two-thirds of students entering elementary school today will be employed in jobs that do not currently exist. Of those new jobs, about 80 per cent will require STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and design, and math) literacy. Science World is uniquely positioned to support the learners of today so they’re ready for the challenges of tomorrow. This important fundraising campaign will help us succeed in doing just this,” Redies added.

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The pandemic has been tough on the facility, located along False Creek, with revenue dropping $13 million last year alone. The non-profit organization says 85 per cent of its revenue comes from ticket sales and events.

Science World says it would cost $5 million to speed up the digitization of programs so students and teachers can learn through them in their homes and classrooms. It says another $5 million is needed to create new experiences at the venue, as well as improve the existing ones.

Over the course of the pandemic, Science World has been running a campaign called The World Needs More Nerds, in an effort to encourage people to visit and donate to its exhibits and learning programs. The campaign features “superstar nerds” such as Dr. Bonnie Henry, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Chris Hadfield.

Science World
(Courtesy: Science World)

Last month, Science World named Henry its sole 2021 “Friend of the Society,” saying it is grateful for B.C.’s top doctor’s help with its fundraising efforts.