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Dog dies in North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon

Last Updated Jul 2, 2021 at 6:45 am PDT

A search for a dog at Lynn Valley's Twin Falls ended in tragedy Thursday after fire crews discovered the animal's body in the fast-moving water. Courtesy: DNV Fire Rescue Services

The body of a dog was pulled from fast-moving water Thursday in Lynn Canyon

District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue urges pets and people to avoid the banks at this time

The recent heat has led to unsafe conditions near fast-moving and high waters locally

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A dog died Thursday after it was swept away in high water in North Vancouver.

District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services said they were called to the popular Lynn Canyon area over reports the dog was below Twin Falls.

When crews arrived they were able to locate the dog, but Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson says unfortunately it had already died.

“We got the dog out of the river and then transported it to the local vet clinic on the North Shore so the dog could be ID’d and the owners could be contacted,” he said.

The death prompted a warning from fire crews about the dangers of fast-moving water, especially right now.

“With the high heat that we’ve had a lot of our waterways are flying up at high volume. It’s a good reminder to everyone to stay a ways back from the water’s edge.”

There is no description of the dog and it’s not known if the owner has been contacted.

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This is not the first tragic animal death crews have been called to in recent years. Last year, a beloved nine-year-old golden retriever, named Maya, was playing in the water when she was swept downriver near the suspension bridge. Her body was found later after an extensive search.