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Vancouver Canucks' farm team named Abbotsford Canucks

Last Updated Jul 14, 2021 at 1:24 pm PDT

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Vancouver Canucks' AHL team in Abbotsford given same name as its NHL parent club

Abbotsford Canucks logo features 'Johnny Canuck'

Abbotsford Canucks colours will be green, blue, grey, and white

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Vancouver Canucks’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate in in Abbotsford has been given the same name as its NHL parent club.

The Abbotsford Canucks will feature “Johnny Canuck” as its primary logo.

“The Abbotsford Canucks will be an extension of our history, and a new identity for fans in the Fraser Valley to embrace,” Canucks chair Francesco Aquilini said in a statement.


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Clay Imoo, a Canucks vlogger, wasn’t surprised with the name.

“To me, it makes sense from a branding and a marketing perspective,” he said. “I know a lot of people maybe wanted them to go outside the box or try something new. But this makes sense to me, especially as they’re looking to recapture the market and really paint a better picture in a feel good story after a really rough season last year.”

Imoo points out there are several other NHL clubs that have done the same thing when deciding on the name of the farm team.

“Think about one of those players who hasn’t made the Vancouver Canucks yet. I think there’s a certain amount of pride that comes with putting on a Canucks jersey, whether it’s Vancouver Canucks or Abbotsford Canucks. The same color scheme, the familiar blue, green and white,” he said.

Imoo notes there were some fans suggesting an aviation theme to the name.

“Given the history of Abbotsford and their air show, I heard a lot of ‘aviators’ and ‘arrows,'” he said.

But he thinks the organization needs to think about the “big picture.”

“Will someone on the east coast of the United States know the connection of Abbotsford to an airshow? I do think there’s wisdom to this Canucks name.”

What do you think of the “Abbotsford Canucks” name?

We asked some people in Vancouver what they think of the team’s name.

Sandro, says he wishes the organization tried to be more creative.

“I’m personally into ‘always different.’ Always novelty. Always new names. Out with the old, in with the new … should have changed it,” he said.

“Maybe the Abbotsford Rivers?” Sandro suggested. “Let’s do nature stuff. Let’s get more into that.”

One woman thinks the Abbotsford team should have been given a name that clearly distinguishes it apart from its parent club.

“It’s kind of weird that they named it the same thing. It kind of takes away from the actual Canucks, considering those are the best players,” she said.

But Andrew thinks it makes sense, from a marketing perspective.

“It can sell tickets. You’re building a brand and that brand’s getting stronger by putting a farm team in with the same name,” he said.


The organization describes the team colours as “Field Green, Pacific Blue, Fraser Blue, Valley Fog Grey and Mountain White, representing the area that the Abbotsford Canucks will proudly play for.”

The dark jersey is primarily green and the light jersey is primarily white. The jerseys’ sleeve stripes form the letter “A.”

On its website, the Abbotsford farm team says:

We are unwavering, relentless, determined. And we are ready to make some noise, and represent our new home.

Through our name, we’re adding a new chapter to the story of the most passionate fans in hockey, while forging a new identity

The logo – you got it, Johnny’s back. We’re bringing back a historic friend from our past, ready to embody the spirit of the Fraser Valley.

And our colours – Representing the land that surrounds us, the land that we’ll defend, and the land that we will proudly play for.

The Abbotsford Canucks begin their 2021-22 AHL season in October.

With files from Kimiya Shokoohi and Crystal Laderas