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Surrey votes to officially pave road through Bear Creek park

Last Updated Jul 27, 2021 at 11:13 pm PDT

(Image Credit: CityNews)

A new road will be paved through a popular surrey park following a close vote from Surrey City Council Tuesday

Council approved construction contracts for a road to be built right through Bear Creek Park

Councillor Linda Annis says there wasn't enough public consultation

SURREY (NEWS 1130) — A controversial plan to build a road through a popular Surrey park has gotten approval from the majority of the city council.

Council approved construction contracts allowing a road to be built through Bear Creek Park, despite massive opposition from residents and those who frequent the park.

Councillor Linda Annis says she feels the approval process was rushed and is just too costly with a price tag of $18-million.

“That’s a lot of money to be spending on a road that no one will mind. We should have been spending that money to build amenities for things that people need, and to improve the roads in Surrey now,” she says.

According to Annis, there wasn’t enough public consultation – adding the construction will lead to a loss of wildlife – and could cause safety issues.

“We had over 7,000 people sign a petition saying they don’t want a lot of money for something people don’t want …we should be listening to those that elected us.

Annis adds she also fears the division will have some serious environmental impacts.

Mayor Doug McCallum has cited safety concerns along the busy roads in the area, adding the road will help alleviate some of the traffic.

Construction will begin next month and end next September.