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Could McPizza be making a comeback? McDonald's teases new menu item

Official McPizza poster. McDonald's Canada

The comeback of all comebacks.

McDonald’s Canada sent Twitter into a frenzy on Friday after it ambiguously teased “the thing you have been asking for” that will arrive on August 31.

Naturally, Canadians went a little stir crazy in anticipation. One Twitter user asked McDonald’s Canada, “Is it the pizza? Is the pizza coming back?” to which they responded, “I can’t confirm or deny.”

This led to both McPizza and McRib trending on the social media website as of Friday afternoon.

The McPizza was first introduced as part of the menu in the 80s but failed to take off and pick up steam.

It started as a family-sized pizza brought out to indoor diners and later reduced to a personal-sized meal. It did gain some popularity, and by 1991, the McPizza was introduced as a test item at over 500 locations. Unfortunately, the pizza was discontinued in most restaurants by 2000.

As of 2021, it is currently only available at one McDonald’s located in Orlando, Fla. (lucky Floridians).

It’s been said that the McPizza was removed because it took too long for them to cook (roughly 11-12 minutes per pie), and McDonald’s – known in the fast-food quarters for their, well, fast food – wanted to keep up that reputation.

Whatever the outcome, many Canadians are sure to have August 31st circled on the calendar.