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Liberals' election platform includes $78B in spending

Last Updated Sep 8, 2021 at 10:59 am PDT

Justin Trudeau announces the Liberal Party's platform on Day 18 of the federal election campaign trail, Sept. 1, 2021. CITYNEWS/Bryan Carey

The federal Liberal party released its platform Wednesday ahead

Promises $78B in new spending over the next five years, no plans to balance the budget

The Liberals' say with new revenue the debt should be reduced to about $50B

OTTAWA — Weeks after their main opponents released their campaign platforms, the federal Liberals have now announced their full slate of promises.

Details of the platform were released in an announcement on Wednesday.

Watch the Liberal’s election platform announcement below

The platform includes a total of $78 billion in new spending over the next five years. However, with new taxes and revenue that number should be reduced to about $50 billion.

The Liberals platform offered no plan to balance the budget.

One of the new promises was to establish regulations under the Canadian Health Act to govern the accessibility for sexual and reproductive health, such as abortion.

If provinces fail to comply, they would face penalties of a reduction of health transfers. The Liberals also say they will strip anti-abortion groups of any charitable status they may have.

The Liberals also say they will penalize provinces with reduced health transfers if they add extra billing for publicly insured serves. This move is an attempt to stop any two-tiered health-care.

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The platform also includes a plan for a ban on assault weapons — making a gun buyback program mandatory and $1 billion will be given to provinces to help ban handguns in their jurisdictions.

As had been previously announced, the Liberal plan also includes $10-a-day child care and sick leave.

When it comes to the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Trudeau said his party will sport proof-of-vaccination credentials and mandatory vaccines for people travelling on planes and trains.