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Blue's Clues marks 25 years with nostalgic video featuring 'Steve'

Last Updated Sep 8, 2021 at 7:09 am PDT

Blue's Clues fans got a special, heartfelt video message from the man who played the original 'Steve' on the 25th anniversary of the show. (Screenshot Twitter video)

'After all these years, I never forgot you. Ever,' says Steve Burns in Blue's Clues anniversary video to fans

Blue's Clues marked 25 years on Wednesday

Many took to social media with emotional messages in response to Blue's Clues anniversary video

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A nostalgic video featuring an original cast member of the popular kids’ show Blue’s Clues is trending online.

“Hi. You got a second?” starts the video, posted by Nick Jr. featuring “Steve”, to mark 25 years since the show first aired.

The show was a staple for many kids who would help Blue and Steve find clues with help from characters like Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

In the video, Steve Burns, who played Steve, addresses his “abrupt” departure from the television series.

“You remember how, when we were younger, we used to run around, and hang out with Blue, and find clues, and talk to Mr. Salt, and freak out about the mail, and do all this fun stuff. And then one day I was like, ‘Oh hey, guess what, big news, I’m leaving. This is my brother Joe, he’s your new best friend.’ And then I got on a bus and I left, and we didn’t see each other for like a really long time,” he says in the video.

Burns says he went to college, and acknowledges that now, many of his original viewers are doing the same.

“I realize that was kind of abrupt,” he says, wearing the iconic striped green shirt many came to associate with his character. “That was really challenging, by the way — great because I got to use my mind and take a step at a time, and now I am doing many of the things that I wanted to do.”

Speaking directly to his original viewers, Burns goes on to say, “and look at you, and look at all you have done, and all you have accomplished in all that time. It’s just so amazing, right?”

“We started out with clues, and now it’s what, student loans, and jobs, and families. And some of it has been kind of hard, you know?”

He credits a lot of his success to his viewers and fans, adding some of the lessons he learned with his helpers continue to support him today.

“I guess I just wanted to say that, after all these years, I never forgot you. Ever. And I’m super glad we’re still friends.”

The tweet has gotten more than a million likes, as well as hundreds of thousands of retweets.

It’s a post that has gotten a few people emotional.

“He never left us, he was with us the whole time,” one person tweeted.

“Just trying to get through my work and you got me in tears,” another said.

Others got sentimental.

“Thank you Steve for teaching me to use my mind and to take a step at a time (Oh also for getting me into drawing and making green my favorite color),” tweeted one person. “You truly were the best host thanks for sticking with me throughout my childhood.”

Blue’s Clues first premiered on Nick Jr. on Sept. 8, 1996. A reboot of the series, titled Blue’s Clues & You!, aired on Nov. 11, 2019.