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Richmond woman's anti-racism photoshoot highlights Vancouver's diversity

A Richmond woman's Anti-Racism photoshoot aims to highlight the beauty of diversity in Metro Vancouver (Courtesy Diversity Development Project)

Diversity Development Project has just been launched, highlighting the beauty of diversity in Metro Vancouver

The project's founder, Theresa Hanul-Seo, says she was inspired by the BLM and Stop Asian Hate movements

Hanul-Seo was compelled to shine a light on multiculturalism in Vancouver through the photoshoot

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) –  A project highlighting the beauty of diversity has just been launched in Metro Vancouver.

In light of recent anti-racism movements such as Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate, project founder Theresa Hanul-Seo was inspired to create a photoshoot built on diversity and inclusion.

“I believe that we as human beings share a core fundamental basis of struggle and hardship that we can all relate to,” she said.

It’s called the Diversity Development Project, and Hanul-Seo says the concept is simple.

“This project really highlights how these individuals — aside from their differences and backgrounds, ages, careers, ethnicities, especially and religions — are able to come together to enjoy the differences which people think separate us,” she said.

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Hanul-Seo, who is half African and half Korean, felt deeply connected to both of the anti-racism movements:

“When the Black Lives Matter movement kind of rose to fame, I would say it was triggering because it felt as if it was targeting me — my family — especially my dad who was African, as well as myself and my brother,” she said.

The Stop Asian Hate movement and shooting in Atlanta hit home too, she says.

“I just wanted to do something to be able to find light out of this whole situation and hopefully educate other people who may not believe that differences can lead to the creation of something beautiful,” she said.

“I was thinking about what I can do to give back to my community and how can how I could make kind of my voice heard.”


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From there, she was compelled to shine a light on multiculturalism in Vancouver through the photoshoot, which united 17 people with diverse backgrounds and talents.

“There were eight models, myself included, involved in the project,” she explains, adding most of the participants were people of colour. “I really wanted to just highlight the minorities of the Vancouver community.”

You can check out the photo gallery, along with pages of resources and other educational information, at diversitydevelopment.org.