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NEWS 1130 and CityNews brings you the very latest news and information all day, every day.

With a newsroom staffed by a team of award-winning journalists, NEWS 1130 delivers news, traffic, weather, sports and business information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CityNews Vancouver brings you nightly evening news broadcasts at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

#1 With News

  • NEWS 1130 is Vancouver’s only 24-hour live news radio station
  • We provide complete local, national and international news coverage
  • Every weekday starts at 5 a.m. with┬áthe NEWS 1130┬áMorning Show


#1 With Traffic and Weather

  • Traffic reports and weather forecasts on NEWS 1130 every 10 minutes on the ones — 24 hours day, 7 days a week
  • Traffic alerts between the regular reports when there are major problems
  • The NEWS 1130 Air Patrol reports traffic from the sky for your morning and afternoon commutes.


#1 With Business News

  • Vancouver’s most frequent business reports at :26 and :56 past the hour… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Market Minutes at :13 and :43 during trading hours


#1 With Sports

  • In-depth reports at :15 and :45 past the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • All the latest scores from a team of top sports broadcasters
  • Insight and analysis into trades, drafts and management changes

#1 With New Media

  • Staff manning our award-winning website and social media accounts 24 hours a day to bring you the very latest breaking news
  • One of Vancouver’s most-followed Twitter accounts
  • All of our major stories can show up in your Facebook feed
  • Get breaking news right from the reporters on the scene
News Team
Sandra Prusina Sports Anchor @sprusina sandra.prusina@rci.rogers.com
Crystal Laderas Video Journalist @CrisLaderas crystal.laderas@rci.rogers.com
Aly Laube Web Editor @godalyshutup aly.laube@rci.rogers.com
Ashley Burr Video Journalist @AshleyBurr_ ashley.burr@rci.rogers.com
Azzaya Khan Traffic Anchor @AzzayaK Azzaya.Khan1@rci.rogers.com
Bailey Nicholson Afternoon Drive Anchor @bcjnicholson bailey.nicholson@rci.rogers.com
Ben Wilson Evening Anchor @benwilson1130 ben.wilson@news1130.rogers.com
Caroline Frolic Sports Anchor @CarolineFrolic caroline.frolic@rci.rogers.com
Charlie Carey Web Editor charlie.carey@rci.rogers.com
Charmaine de Silva News Director @char_des charmaine.desilva@rci.rogers.com
Claire Fenton Digital Reporter @ceeceefenton claire.fenton@rci.rogers.com
Dean Recksiedler Managing Editor - Mornings and Overnights @NEWS1130Dean dean.recksiedler@news1130.rogers.com
Denise Wong Managing Editor - Digital @denisetwong denise.wong@news1130.rogers.com
Greg Bowman Anchor/Reporter @gregbowman_ greg.bowman@rci.rogers.com
Hana Mae Nassar Web Editor/Reporter @HanaMaeNassar HanaMae.Nassar@rci.rogers.com
John Ackermann Afternoon Anchor @jackermann johnf.ackermann@news1130.rogers.com
Kareem Gouda Anchor @kareemsgouda kareem.gouda1@rci.rogers.com
Kier Junos Video Journalist @kierjunos Kier.Junos@rci.rogers.com
Kurtis Doering Reporter/Web Editor @KDnewsguy kurtis.doering@rci.rogers.com
Lasia Kretzel Digital Reporter @lkretzel1130 lasia.kretzel@rci.rogers.com
Lindsey Horsting Traffic Anchor @lindseyhorsting Lindsey.Horsting@rci.rogers.com
Lisa Steacy Web Editor/Reporter @lisa_steacy lisa.steacy@rci.rogers.com
Liza Yuzda B.C. Legislative Reporter @LizaYuzda liza.yuzda@rci.rogers.com
Marcella Bernardo Reporter @Bernardo1130 Marcella.Bernardo@vancouverradio.rogers.com
Marcus Fitzgerald Anchor/Sports @marcusfitzy marcus.fitzgerald@news1130.rogers.com
Martin MacMahon Reporter @martinmacmahon martin.macmahon@rci.rogers.com
Matt Coppin Traffic Anchor @coppinmatt matt.coppin@news1130.rogers.com
Michelle Yi Weather Specialist @mi_chelleyi Michelle.Yi@rci.rogers.com
Mike Lloyd Reporter - "On the Offbeat" @llikemoyd mike.lloyd@news1130.rogers.com
Monika Gul Reporter/Anchor @MonikaGul monika.gul@rci.rogers.com
Nikitha Martins Web Editor @nikitha_martins nikitha.martins1@rci.rogers.com
Peter Wagner Managing Editor - News & Programming @peterjontheair peter.wagner@vancouverradio.rogers.com
Ria Renouf Video Journalist @riarenouf ria.renouf@rci.rogers.com
Renee Bernard Reporter/Producer @renee1130 renee.barnard@news1130.rogers.com
Riley Phillips Traffic Anchor @Rileythedj Riley.Phillips@rci.rogers.com
Ryan Lidemark Traffic Anchor @RyanLmark Ryan.Lidemark@rci.rogers.com
Sonia Aslam Midday Producer @SoniaSAslam sonia.aslam@rci.rogers.com
Tamara Slobogean Managing Editor News & Integration @realslobo Tamara.Slobogean@rci.rogers.com
Tarnjit Parmar Reporter/Anchor @tarankparmar taran.parmar@vancouverradio.rogers.com
Terry Schintz Morning Show Anchor and Managing Editor @TerrySchintz Terry.Schintz@rci.rogers.com
Tim James Midday Anchor @_timjames tim.james@news1130.rogers.com
Vanessa Doban Anchor @vanessadoban Vanessa.Doban@rci.rogers.com
William Cook Traffic Anchor @williamcook1991 William.Cook@rci.rogers.com