Coronavirus FAQ: We answer your questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

A common theme in these uncommon times is uncertainty. When will things get better? What should I do in the meantime? Chances are if you’re wondering, so is someone else.

We’re here to get you the information you need. Below, you’ll find a list of all the questions we’ve been asked to date, and the best answers we can provide. If you have a question you don’t see listed, ask us through the form at the bottom of the page.

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Question: Why can some people live in B.C. for years with out-of-province licence plates?

Question: Will I be able to have a 130-guest wedding in B.C. next spring?

Question: Why are B.C. bars open when casinos are closed?

Question: Do I need to self-isolate after travelling from Ontario to Nova Scotia?

Question: I have a parent in a B.C. care home. Should I send my kid to school?

Question: Can cash spread the coronavirus?

Question: Can cash spread the coronavirus?

Question: Can I self-isolate at an Airbnb after arriving in Canada?

Question: Do B.C. kitchen workers have to wear masks?

Question: How do B.C. health authorities decide when to issue a COVID-19 exposure advisory?

Question: Are face shields a good substitute for masks?

Question: Do maintenance workers have to wear a mask in my B.C. home?

Question: Is it ‘morally wrong’ for my B.C. teen to party?

Question: Why are so few COVID-19 patients in B.C. hospitals as cases rise?

Question: Can Canadians travel to Europe?

Question: How does B.C. count its COVID-19 death toll?

Question: Can air conditioners spread coronavirus droplets?

Question: If there’s a COVID-19 case at my B.C. kid’s school, can I go to work?

Question: Do I have to self-isolate after entering Canada if I test negative for COVID-19?

Question: Is a coronavirus antibody test available in B.C.?

Question: Can I cross the U.S.-Canada border to pick up a new Vancouver police dog?

Question: Do Canadian coronavirus self-isolation rules apply when picking up U.S. travellers?

Question: Can I self-isolate in a bedroom in a home with seniors?

Question: Why doesn’t B.C. order people to wear COVID-19 masks?

Question: Should I make my own hand sanitizer?

Question: Can I travel to another Canadian province during the coronavirus pandemic?

Question: Can plants get COVID-19?

Question: Can my husband self isolate with me when he returns to Canada?

Question: Do I need to wear a mask in the car with my mom?

Question: Can I cross the Canada-U.S. border to close the sale of a property?

Question: How many people are allowed to camp together in B.C. parks during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Question: Does blood type influence COVID-19 risk?

Question: Should I wash my groceries to prevent catching the coronavirus?

Question: Do droplet-spreading runners need to stay far away from other pedestrians?

Question: Is it pointless to wear a mask with your nose uncovered?

Question: Vancouver’s Canada goose population is booming. Is COVID-19 to blame?

Question: Why can B.C. malls exceed 50-person gathering cap, but not churches?

Question: Alarm was triggered at my U.S. home. Can I cross the border to check on it?

Question: Can you return to Canada with an expired passport during the COVID-19 pandemic

Question: Why is the SkyTrain crowded when there’s a 50-person gathering cap in B.C.?

Question: How many Americans are actually coming across the border to spend time in B.C.?

Question: Coronavirus closed B.C. casinos. When will they reopen?

Question: Will I have to pay back CERB money if my former employer gives me a severance payment?

Question: How do CERB clawbacks impact Canadians on EI pre-pandemic?

Question: Do COVID-19 border restrictions allow a Canadian enter the U.S. to sell property?

Question: Can I cross the U.S.-Canada border to inspect my boat?

Question: Can my B.C. boss make me clean the office during the coronavirus pandemic?

Question: Can I refuse to return to my workplace after working from home in B.C.?

Question: Why doesn’t Canada test all international arrivals for COVID-19 at its airports?

Question: Who will own the rights to a coronavirus vaccine?

Question: Why are ‘hundreds’ of people allowed at Vancouver malls despite 50-person gathering cap?

Question: Do B.C. bars and restaurants have to collect customers’ contact information for COVID-19 contact tracing?

Question: Can I bring my own bag to B.C. grocery stores? Is it a COVID-19 vector?

Question: I’m 57 and asthmatic. Can I get intimate with my girlfriend visiting Vancouver from Toronto?

Question: One of my neighbours has COVID-19. Do B.C. privacy laws protect their identity?

Question: Is there really a loophole allowing Canadians to cross the U.S. border?

Question: Has COVID-19 spread at B.C. daycares?

Question: Should I use a UV light to kill the coronavirus?

Question: Do I need to self-isolate when my flight attendant wife returns from abroad?

Question: Should I disinfect my smartphone to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Question: What are Canadian airlines doing to prevent COVID-19 from spreading on their planes?

Question: When will Metro Vancouver pools reopen?

Question: Do I need to quarantine after picking people up at a Canadian airport?

Question: What are the new coronavirus rules at B.C. clothing stores?

Question: Are international students allowed to enter Canada?

Question: Will there be any cruise ships coming or leaving Vancouver in 2020?

Question: Is it safe for my B.C. kid to play outside with friends?

Question: If a coronavirus vaccine is discovered, when will a kid be able to receive it?

Question: Is it safe to swim in an outdoor pool this summer?

Question: Can I fly from Canada to Mexico to reunite with family?

Question: Is it safe to swim in an outdoor pool this summer?

Question: Are couple reunions ‘essential’? 

Question: Can I fly from Canada to Mexico to reunite with family?

Question: How quickly should I wash my hands after touching a surface infected with COVID-19?

Question: Can I cross the U.S.-Canada border to pick up business mail?

Question: Can I cross the U.S.-Canada border to check on my property

Question: Do I have to self-isolate after flying within Canada?

Question: Can my sourdough starter spread COVID-19?

Question: Will I still be contagious after recovering from COVID-19?

Question: What’s the soonest I’ll feel sick after exposure to the coronavirus?

Question: Can I get COVID-19 twice?

Question: Can my small business without a payroll get government help?

Question: When will big concerts be allowed in B.C.?

Question: What is the novel coronavirus and COVID-19?

Question: What is a pandemic?

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