NEWS 1130 Gets Answers: Back to School Edition!

Got questions as your kids head back to class? We’ve got answers.

With students heading back to classrooms, we know you’ve got questions about this new reality.

Will masks be mandatory? What if my child has allergies? Chances are, if you’re wondering, so is someone else.

We’re here to get you the information you need. Below, you’ll find a list of all the questions we’ve been asked to date, and the best answers we can provide. If you have a question you don’t see listed, ask us through the form at the bottom of the page.

Question: How will hands-on courses be taught with remote learning in Surrey?

Question: My wife is immunocompromised. Can my daughter take online classes through her Coquitlam school?

Question: If there’s a COVID-19 case at my B.C. kid’s school, can I go to work?

Question: What are the legal consequences of refusing to send my child to school?

Question: Will B.C. teachers get priority COVID-19 testing?

Question: If a B.C. teacher gets COVID-19, will all of their students have to self-isolate?

Question: I have a parent in a B.C. care home. Should I send my kid to school?

Question: If a coronavirus vaccine is discovered, when will a kid be able to receive it?

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