Browns Socialhouse


Lower Mainland


As we enter the fourth week of this catastrophic situation we want to let everyone know that our hearts and thoughts are with those who are so severely impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects. Our corporate employees, and their families, our many franchise owners, their dedicated staff, our suppliers and everyone associated with the business is suffering as we struggle to cope with the head on assault to our normal ways of doing things. No one is unaffected, and no one knows how long “the curve” will continue to be our biggest focus.

For our loyal guests, who can no longer enjoy a seat in one of our restaurants, please know that we are doing our best wherever we can by offering takeout and delivery services for your convenience. You can call on us to provide you with our meal services, however they may work best for you.

Please do consider joining in with us on Wednesday for #TakeoutDay to show your support for the hardworking people in our locations who are at work to keep the wheels turning in our facilities.

To all of the amazing health-care workers and first responders, we again offer our most sincere and heartfelt salute. Please know that we are with you every day, every shift, and every hour as you do your all to keep your energy up and your families safe.

We pledge to do our utmost to provide everyone who uses, or participates with us in operating, our system with a safe, healthy and friendly environment at all times, and we remain committed to the highest of operating standards at all times, in spite of the challenges.

We look forward to a day when there is a return to something close to normal operations. May it be at the earliest possible date, and according to well advised and practical standards.