Zoomers Myco Foods


1379 Park dr, Vancouver, V6P 2K4, CA


We are Vancouver company specializing in functional mushroom infused coffee, teas and food products. Zoomer’s Myco Foods takes great pride in serving products to our community to help improve people’s lives the best we can. By purchasing Zoomer’s products not only are you getting a premium product to help better your health, but you help support our small business and family to maintain and grow.

Our signature organic direct trade Red Reishi & Turkey Tail Myco Powered Coffee is crafted, rich and sophisticated in taste and mushroom benefits. By utilizing today’s modern roasting technologies we ensure a perfect roast of our Brazilian and Colombia Arabica beans every time. We roast this coffee right here in Vancouver and we hope it brings a sense of pride and joy to your daily coffee routine as it does to ours.

Our tea and smoothie mushroom powder’s are a sure winner and are great to cook with. These mushrooms are packed full of active compounds known to enhance many of the body’s life functions including the mental, immune and digestive systems. All of our powder’s are made from the organic fruiting body of the mushroom by way of dual extraction 10:1 with no grains or fillers added. We put a lot of research and development into our products to ensure top quality products that are full of health benefits.

Super Mushrooms, Super Foods, Super Life.