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Video captures DoorDash driver taking package from Surrey customer's home

Last Updated Sep 18, 2020 at 1:32 pm PST

A food delivery driver was caught on camera taking a package from a Surrey customer's home on Thursday. (Screengrab Facebook video/Geraldine Ramirez Paz)

A food delivery driver was caught swiping a package from a Surrey customer's home on Thursday

The Surrey RCMP says officers are working to identify the driver

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Talk about poor service. Mounties in Surrey are looking to speak with a food delivery driver who was caught on camera taking a package off the front porch of a customer’s home on Thursday.

The whole thing was recorded on a home security system. The video shows the driver pull up to the home, get out, and walk up to the front door where they drop the order off.

But, instead of just leaving, the DoorDash driver is then seen picking up an Amazon parcel left by the front door, putting it into their delivery bag, and then scurrying back to their car.

“[The family] reported that to the RCMP here in Surrey and then they also reported it to the food delivery service. So, we do have an open investigation, we are going to be identifying that driver,” Cpl. Elenore Sturko with the Surrey RCMP says.

“The food delivery service is also aware of our investigation,” she tells NEWS 1130.

I ordered food from DoorDash and the driver stole my amazon package ????????

Posted by Geraldine Ramirez Paz on Thursday, September 17, 2020

“This inappropriate and illegal behavior is clearly not tolerated and we have permanently deactivated the Dasher from our platform,” Taylor Bennett, with DoorDash, she says in an email.

“We have been in touch with the customer and apologize for the incident, and remain in contact with local law enforcement and stand ready to support.”

Sturko says the company has not been completely cooperative in providing the identity of the driver to police, yet.

“In our original call to the food delivery service, they were not forthcoming in immediately providing that information to our investigator. But we do have ways of compelling that information and we will continue to work with them so that we can obtain the identity of that driver,” she explains, adding police will also try to determine if there are any other potential links to similar incidents in the area.

Vancouver Is Awesome reports the driver has been “permanently deactivated from the app”, however, it’s unclear if police have been able to get in touch with them.

In the meantime, Sturko says this story is a cautionary tale as to what consequences can come from taking something that doesn’t belong to you.

“It was a fairly low-valued item,” she says of the contents of the parcel that was taken. “When you think about the gravity of the consequences that a person can face: potentially losing their job, having their reputation damaged, and, you know, just the moral implications of taking another person’s package. Is it really worth all those implications, all those consequences for something that’s so relatively low in value? I would argue that, no, it’s not.”